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The word BONAFIDE itself is taken from Latin which means "Can be trusted because it has good goals, intentions". Meanwhile, the writing in red ink on the word BONAFIDE shows courage, which is accompanied by wisdom and justice as the symbol of the Goddess of Justice (gold in color) looks towards the words BONAFIDE Law Office.

The aim of establishing BONAFIDE Law Office is to meet the needs of every individual and/or corporation (client) in obtaining assistance, assistance and excellent legal services (trustworthy, courageous and mature) in terms of clients obtaining justice.

With the background of the Founder of BONAFIDE Law Office who has handled various simple, medium to difficult (complex) legal problems, our law office is determined to provide maximum and total advice, opinions and legal assistance. And in every handling of a legal problem faced by a client, our office will also provide suggestions, views/considerations in commercial and other aspects (Strategic Legal Advise). So that it can provide legal protection and understanding in the problems faced by clients in a comprehensive manner, which has a positive impact on clients. As the legal adage states:


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